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First, there was Singularity. Then came Impactor. Now, polarizing Mau5trap artist BlackGummy returned this Friday with the third and final installment in a series of interconnected EPs. This production, the Monolith EP, is the continuance in an on-going exploration of the connection between symbolism and sonic revolution in the most forward-thinking way.

BlackGummy is neither person nor thing. Rather, an entity birthed out of Los Angeles destined to

The EP, his seventh with Mau5trap, leads with ‘Iconoclast’. ‘Iconoclast’ was debuted last week and fits the mold of a sci-fi/action-thriller cut complete with a frantic synth line and an ominous atmosphere.

From there, we are led through the cosmic journey that is ‘Arp Makes Sphinx Purr’. Decidedly more progressive than the lead track, BlackGummy rotates a series of hollowed synths to cut through the thick soundscape shrouding the lead melody and powerful percussive melodies holding firm in the background.

‘Desert Fire’ is a minimal style record that features a heavy array of techno and progressive influences. From the rumbling bass line down to the intricate melody and each rattling nuance in between, everything falls in to place place perfectly like a star-lit rainfall.

The EP comes to a screeching halt with the black-as-night darkness of ‘Edifice’. Raw, gritty, and stripped down to just the bare bones, BlackGummy layers a muffled vocal over a crisp, singular hi hat hit, and a rolling bass line to start. What follows is the EP’s chunkiest cut, a record designed to close out this EP and the club on any given night.

You can listen to the Monolith EP by BlackGummy via Spotify below.

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