German duo Milk & Sugar have spent the majority of 2017 celebrating, and rightfully so. Boasting a career that spans more than two decades is no easy feat in an industry that is constantly faced with shifting trends in an over-saturated market. However, hits like ‘Higher & Higher’ and the classic ‘Let The Sun Shine’ have helped the duo stand the test of time and today they are as big, if not bigger, than ever before.

The celebrations continue with a pair of remixes of the Milk & Sugar single, ‘Summertime’, ahead of their upcoming 20th Anniversary LP.

Siege uses looped vocals and a soft horn accent pressed against crisp percussive bits and a luscious synth melody that is ripe with Detroit-style flavor. Round it out with groovy breakdowns and an unrelentless groove and the Siege take on ‘Summertime’ is a near-flawless one.


The second remix comes at the hands of Superlover. Superlover utilizes the tribal flare of the track, but gives ‘Summertime’ a touch of their own flavor, accentuating more of the tasteful guitar riffs and full-bodied drum fills. Taking a more instrumental approach and looping a different chunk of the vocals results in a second totally unique remix, both highlighting each side of the same, shiny coin.

You can check out both remixes of ‘Summertime’ on Soundcloud now.

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