Oliver Huntemann - Propaganda LPOliver Huntemann is set out to begin a new chapter with the release of his fifth studio LP. The revered German DJ and producer’s name has been plastered atop the underground scene longer than most have been picking records, challenging himself and his fans every step of the way. From early LP’s such as 2014’s ‘Too Many Presents For One Girl’, up through countless EP’s, and including collaborations alongside the likes of Stephan Bodzin and Dubfire, his vision has remained the same: to deliver sophisticated and forward-thinking techno on a consistent basis.

Propaganda is the name of Huntemann’s fifth album and, much like his previous offerings, it allows him to open up a side of Huntemann as an artist and human previously never seen before.

The sound of Propaganda is more grown up, I’ve left the times of reducing to the max behind to create a certain atmosphere throughout the whole album. Of course most tracks work well on the dance floor but the task was also to make them as interesting as possible for listening sessions – simply to reach another level.”

The album opens with ‘Taktik’, a crisp production led by smooth drum programming and a heavy low end. ‘Poltergeist’ follows in its footsteps, officially setting the tone for Propaganda with more throbbing low ends and spacious atmospheres.

Tracks such as ‘Malaria’ allow Huntemann to venture into uncharted territories, bringing a freakier vibe with eerie vocals and echoing synth patterns where as ‘Anonym’ sees him real things back in and space everything out in a relaxed and ambient manner. ‘Manipulation’ delivers lush pad fills and soft, nuanced melodies in an upbeat production that figures to do damage on the dance floor.

In total, Propaganda boasts 12 tracks, all interconnected by an underlying theme and a fluid heartbeat. Oliver Huntemann will release the LP on his own Senso Sounds imprint on October 13th.

You can look at the traklisting for Propaganda below.

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01. Taktik
02. Poltergeist
03. Egoist
04. Malaria
05. Rotlicht
06. Anonym
07. Absurd
08. Manipulation
09. Vertigo
10. Momentum
11. Doppelgänger
12. Trick 17

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