After 12 years, Berlin-based Anja Schneider is leaving Mobilee Records.

The imprint was founded by Schneider with Ralf Kollman back in 2005 and has since been one of Berlin’s premiere outlets for house and techno since. Kollman will take full control of the label. Mobilee has played host to countless releases over the years including early releases such as Pan-Pot’s Obscenity EP, her own iThought EP, and Lee von Dowski’s The Variable Man up through more recent offerings such as Leftwing & Kody’s Squaring Circles EP and Rodriguez Jr.’s Chain Reaction.

Anja plans to launch her own label, SoUS Music, in the coming months. SoUS will play home to Anja Schneider’s forthcoming LP, her first in nine years. Anja says that the newly founded SoUS imprint will be one of the most personal projects of her career thus far.

Anja Schneider on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

You can read Anja Schneider’s full statement via Facebook below:

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