Jerome Isma-ae is one of progressive music’s modern torch bearers. The German DJ and producer has long been known for a distinct sound that falls somewhere between trance and techno that exhibits a heavy progressive touch throughout and his talents have resulted in him being one of the genre’s most sought after acts.

Isma-ae’s latest production, however, lands closer to the techno end of the dance music spectrum. Taking on ‘Lift Me’, originally released by Fausto Fanizza this past spring, Ismae-ae summons an ambient melody from the depths of a pulsating rhythm, slowly working it in to the foreground. With precision, the track’s distant vocal echo surfaces, finding a place atop the production’s soundscape. Throughout the track’s near seven minute duration, Isma-ae displays an uncanny ability to work a variety of techno sounds in to a heavily progressive-influenced main frame.

Jerome Isma-Ae on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

You can listen to the Jerome Isma-ae remix of ‘Lift Me’ on Soundcloud below.

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