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September 22nd sees the end of a detailed musical journey orchestrated by Kolsch that began in 2015.

For the Danish product, the journey started with the 2015 long player 1977, titled for the year he was born. That album laid the foundation for an introspective exploration that allowed Kolsch to explore the depths of his earliest memories, soundtracking it with his distinctive and melodic take on modern techno. The 1983 LP followed, detailing in full the year he spent travelling Europe as a six year old child.

The changing of the seasons marks the final chapter of the expansive storyboard. 1989 lands in the early teens of a young Kolsch, largely just looking to find his way. Aside from the daily struggles that come with growing through puberty, there were a lot of outside influences that would impact his take on the world.

 “I would escape that grey world on my skateboard, listen to my Walkman as I explored the city around me. Music became my savior – the only way to overcome my family’s hard times. I found a soundtrack to my grey life, and suddenly there was color.”

The album features collaborative efforts with Gregor Schwellenbach with the Heritage Orchestra as well as vocalist from Norwegian singer, AuroraKompakt, which has proven the perfect platform for Kolsch’s creative output, is slated to release the LP next month. 1989 features a deployment of heavily implemented orchestral sounds resulting in a fuller body of work led by Kompakt affiliate Schwellenbach and the 24 piece Heritage Orchestra on the tracks Khairo, Liath, and Serij.

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The 1989 album from Kolsch is due out via Kompakt on September 22nd. You can pre-order the LP HERE.

01. A1. 1989
02. A2. Serij
03. A3. Grå
04. A4. In Bottles
05. B1. Grey
06. B2. Grau
07. B3. PUSH
08. C1. Gris
09. C2. 14
10. C3. Khairo
11. D1. YKPI
12. D2. Liath
13. D3. Goodbye

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