One could sense Oliver Lieb was up to something with last month’s reworked, remastered, and rereleased version of ‘Netherworld’. The revival of the iconic progressive trance track served as a precursor to the full awakening of the trance legend that once was, resulting in the first studio LP under his L.S.G. moniker since The Hive was released back in 2002.

As the name suggests, Double Vision is a split representation of the two halves that make up a whole musical psyche that is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

On the front half, listeners are met with a hair-raising soundscape filled with luscious grooves that kicks off with the ethereal intro, ‘Seven Worlds’. Lieb continues the journey with ‘Escape The Gravity’, beautifully structured piece of down tempo music with a funky broken beat. Through the twinkling, star-struck entrance of ‘Vapor’, Lieb darkens the broken rhythms from the previous record, adding in some heavier bass and echoed vocals. The 8-bit notation of ‘Spotter’ leads to the inevitable nose dive of ‘Passion’ prior to being launched right back in to the spacey atmosphere of ‘Suborbital’‘Tipsy Flower’ brings a loose dynamic to the table that stands out from the rest of the first half, before the sci-fi like imagery ushered in by ‘Perfect Blue’ signals the closure of the first act.


Transitioning to side two, Lieb ups the tempo and takes aim squarely at the dance floor. ‘Domino’ immediately commands attention, easing flawlessly in to the subtle, yet energetic progressive gem that is ‘Whiteout’. The transition to ‘Cepheid’ is smooth, bringing a slightly more tech house flavor to it and the following production, ‘Freakwaves’.

Throughout ‘Little Wing’, ‘Aviation’, and ‘Colors of Noise’ Double Vision explores break beat, progressive, drum n bass, and even synth wave tendencies with a focus on elongated, often times pitched synth chords that sweep over an ambient soundscape opening up numerous sonic paths for listeners to engage upon.

Your Love Is’ takes a more bass-heavy approach backed by rigid synth structures and reverbed percussion. The prog-heavy ‘When It’s Dark Outside’ hand delivers listeners in to the sky-bound record ‘Input’ which is highlighted by some crafty modular work. ‘Supercycle’ sees the album out, delivering some of the most intense grooves via a powerful percussive backbone and some next-level FX.

Double Vision lands on the Bonzai Progressive imprint that released his rework of the iconic track ‘Netherworld’ earlier this summer.

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You can purchase Double Vision by Oliver Lieb aka L.S.G. HERE.


CD 1 – Vision 1

1° Seven Worlds
2° Escape The Gravity
3° Vapor
4° Spotter
5° Passion
6° Suborbital
7° Tipsy Flower
8° Perfect Blue

CD 2 – Vision 2

1° Domino
2° Whiteout
3° Cepheid
4° Freakwaves
5° Little Wing
6° Aviation
7° Colors Of Noise
8° Your Love Is
9° When It’s Dark Outside
10° Input
11° Supercycle

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