Piece by piece, fans are beginning to put together the tale of The Nine Skies.

The project, an exciting one for trance legend Markus Schulz, was first teased early on in 2017 with the release of ‘Mota Mota’ before officially debuting at Dreamstate this May. In sync with the project’s third live performance, Schulz released the LP’s third single, ‘In Search of Something Better’, just prior to his set at London’s SW4 Festival this past weekend.

‘In Search of Something Better’ is one of the most complex releases we’ve heard from Schulz in some time and represents the 7th of The Nine Skies, also known as The Visionary. The track, boasting a rather anthemic atmosphere, represents a bridge between the LP’s first single, ‘Mota Mota’, and its third chapter offering, ‘Running Up That Hill’, and represents a period of introspective reflection for the German trance legend.

Included in the release is the extended mix as well as a chillout mix for late night/early morning sessions.

Markus Schulz Presents Dakota on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

You can listen to ‘In Search of Something Better’ via Spotify below.

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