You may not realize it, but music can be a major factor in the creation and inspiration behind a lot of games. Join us as we take a look at the very best examples of these DJ games that you can play right now.

DJ Hero

If you’ve ever had aspirations to become a DJ then this is the game for you. The decks are colour coded and you have to jam in time with them to score points. The more accurate you are, the better your score will be. It’s similar to Guitar Hero and Rock Band, which are great to bring out for parties to pit guests against one another.

Then, the game scales up and gets more complex through the levels. This gives the game a lot of value for players, as you can play through the levels and hone your skills further. At the top of the scale, the action gets fast and furious, so you’ll want to do your best to keep up.

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Skrillex Quest

This retro styled game looks similar to the old Legend of Zelda games, though with an EDM twist. It’s mainly the music that is different in this game, with the sound effects coming from the DJ himself. If you’re a fan of retro gaming then you’ll feel right at home with this game, it’s one of the better ones out there.

Skrillex is one of the top DJs out there at the moment, so it’s no surprise that he’s appearing in games, movies and more. There seems to be no end to what this DJ can do with his fame. It seems that simple games are often the best to feature an EDM theme, as music can blend with bingo, retro games and other relatively short games in a funky way.

Rustie’s Green Language

Who wants to listen to an album when you could play through the tracks instead? That’s the ethos behind this DJ game, which allows you to explore a small universe as you discover tracks. This is a really high concept album and it’s an interesting way to experience it.

It’s playable from a browser, so you don’t need a lot of high tech kit to be able to play it. By collecting up all the checkpoints within the game, you can listen to the full album at your leisure. At the time it came out, a lot of critics dismissed this as a bit of a gimmick but the album itself is great enough to stand alone too.

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Crypt of the NecroDancer

This game mashes up retro gaming with a cool dance music soundtrack. You’ll need to explore through dungeons and battle monsters for your chance to scoop the high score. Veteran game soundtrack composer Danny Baranowsky lends his talents to the game, which makes it an amazing one to get playing. It’s highly addictive and will have you completing the levels before you know it.

Check out these games if you’re a musical aficionado that wants to up their game. They’ll each transport you into a musical world to enjoy EDM beats in a new way.

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