Alexi Delano has had quite the decorated career up through 2017. Over the course of his two decades in the industry, Delano has seen productions of his land on labels such as Laurent Garnier’s F Communications, Richie Hawtin & John Acquaviva’s Plus 8, Ghostly International’s Spectral Sound, and many more. This summer, however, he returns to Visionquest with his most recent project.

The Water Colors EP comes out on September 8th following the 2013 collaborative EP alongside Visionquest co-founder, Shaun Reeves. The title track is a smooth composition from Alexi Delano that utilizes layered synths and a delectably crisp low end. Nuanced string patterns scatter across the top of the production providing a contrast that’ll have the entire floor in a trance.

The Persuader takes the EP’s title track, submerges it in a whirlwind soft synth lines and lush pads, and sends listeners straight down the rabbit hole. A true micro house style take capable of taking no prisoners during the after hours session.

‘Communicate’ is a slightly bouncier production that features an off-kilter rhythm and looped synth melodies. Scattered throughout the track’s soundscape you will find soft vocal whispers, whistles, random claps, and other various effects filling out the production.

Alexi Delano on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

You can listen to the Water Colors EP by Alexi Delano via Soundcloud below.

Alexi Delano - Water Colors EP

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