Roger Shah and Hawaiian product LeiLani round out the summer months with a proper send off.

After initially debuting their most recent single during the last leg of the Music For Balearic People Vol. 8 compilation, the singer/producer duo delivers full justice to ‘Eternal Time’ with an uplifting take on the original release. The duo has already streamlined the Beatport charts with their previous release, ‘Love Heals You’, and figures to do the same with the full edit of ‘Eternal Flame’. Of the release, Roger Shah said:

‘It’s a very important and kinda personally emotional release for me. I wrote this song together with LeiLani after my mom passed away at the end of last year. I guess it was my way of dealing with the situation, to keep on making music, composing, whilst crying at the same time. It helped me a lot to make it through the loss’

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You can listen to the uplifting edit of ‘Eternal Time’ via Spotify below.

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