Jeremy Underground and Abstrakt

This morning, the United Kingdom-based nightclub Abstrakt took to Facebook to announce the cancellation of this weekend’s booking.

In a post on the Edinburgh club’s page, Abstrakt detailed a series of conversations between the venue and the agent for Jeremy Underground, who was scheduled to play the venue’s launch party this Friday, September 15th. After booking a room at a 4-star hotel for the traveling artist, the room was refused because the agent demanded a ‘5 star hotel with sauna and gym’ in addition to two extra nights in the hotel, despite the contract calling for one night in a 4-star room. After eating the costs of the first hotel, Abstrakt found a suitable venue for three nights, thinking the problem was solved.

This week, the agent again demanded the room was not suitable and went on to require a stay at the Sheraton Grand, conceding to reimburse two of the three nights in the other hotel. Abstrakt’s losses on hotel fees alone to this point totaled nearly $2,000.

After pleading their side of the story to no avail, Abstrakt decided to cancel the act entirely and cut their losses on the hotel fees. It was at this point that Underground and his agent offered to pay the cost of the new hotel, still leaving Abstrakt out of roughly $1,000 in wasted hotel fees.

At this point a new act had been arranged and the venue was ready to move on, which led to a barrage of threats from the agent/agency representing Jeremy Underground.

The replacement act is expected to be announced today and will be going back-to-back with Sub Club resident Domenic Cappello.

It should be noted that in a since deleted status, Jeremy Underground made some sort of attempt to rectify the situation himself, offering to reschedule, refund the promoter his losses, and play the new date for free.

You can see the response from RT Agency to Abstrakt below.

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