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Mayten is a refreshing change of pace from the seemingly never-ending output of cookie cutter DJs and producers these days. Born Krists Auders, the Seattle-based artist takes a severely tactical approach to both mixing and producing music, taking a distinct pride in the finer details and near perfection of his work. His productions tiptoe the line between deep house and ambient music while his dj performances and live set up will encapsulate any listener to cross his path.

‘Hive’ represents the first official release for Mayten following self-released singles ‘828’ and Detours’ in addition to 2016’s Notation LP. The record has a bit of an uptempo nature to it due to the crisp hits of a drum stick off the rim of a snare that contrast its soothing chord structures flawlessly. Swirling back melodies rain down from above as Mayten layers a series of different synth rhythms and pad structures over one another, careful never to let the production become too cluttered. All of this falls graciously on one of the easiest going atmospheres we’ve heard yet while remaining a viable a dance floor option at all hours of the evening.

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Mayten on Facebook | Soundcloud

You can listen to ‘Hive’ via Spotify below.

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