Danish experimental trio WhoMadeWho returned with their first release in nearly two years with a bang. The song, titled ‘I Don’t Know’, was co-produced by the eclectic Kenton Slash Demon, and comes fully loaded with a selection of club-ready remixes from the likes of Fur Coat, Adana TwinsMargot, and Stereocalypse.

Stereocalypse offers up a radio-friendly take on ‘I Don’t Know’, highlighting the tasteful touch of the muffled vocal and evolving chords that eventually dissipate into a light atmosphere for the vocals of lead singer Jeppe Kjellberg to take charge.

The Adana Twins take a more minimal approach, squaring the track around a rapid hi hat pattern and darting synth lines that zip across the production’s sound waves.

If the Fur Coat remix sounds familiar, its because it’s been seeing some major play from big time artists in recent weeks. Arguably the top take of the bunch, the remix clocks in at a solid seven minutes of crisp rhythms and a spaced out atmosphere sprinkled with tantalizing blips.

Margot’s edit has a thick energy none unlike any of the other reworks. A sturdy kick/clap combo lays the backbone for Kjellberg’s vocal efforts once again prior to opening in to a big room, deep tech bomb with tons of potential.

You can listen to each take on ‘I Don’t Know’ via Spotify below.


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