DJ Pierre

Mark it on your calendars.

November 24th rings in the debut album from one of the founding members of the acid house style, DJ Pierre, who first began DJing and producing music in his hometown in Chicago in the 1980’s. Pierre, real name Nathaniel Pierre Jones, and his friend Spanky formed the now infamous group Phuture and are widely credited with the invention of acid house following the groundbreaking production ‘Acid Tracks’. 

Wild Pitch: The Story is a collection of both originals and remixes that’ll detail his journey as one of the most influential names in house music through present day experiences. In addition, the album derives its title from the success of his Wild PiTcH remixes and covers everything from his cover of Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’ from 1977 to 2017 works.

The album finds a home on the Get Physical imprint.

Be on the lookout for the debut DJ Pierre LP to Drop on November 24th.

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