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Danish DJ and producer Kolsch put the finishing touches on his autobiographical album trilogy with the release of 1989 this week on the Kompakt imprint.

With 1989, Kolsch’s sonic adventure stops during his teenage years, scripting a period in his life that was filled with tons of grey. Thusly, he would use music to escape the mundane struggles of day-to-day life and bring color to an otherwise dull world.

It follows in the footsteps of 1977, his birth year, and was followed by the picturesque journey that was 1983, the year he traveled Europe as a 6 year old.

1989 was a time riddled with family crisis. His parents were in the midst of a divorce and this catalyst plays a large part in the reason several tracks on the album are named ‘grey’ in different languages, including the familiar, pan flute-riddled anthem from last year. The early records of the LP lay the foundation for what is a period of growth, evident in the reflective melodies and somber chord progressions in productions such as ‘Gra’.

‘Push’ is a futuristic cut and one of the more club-friendly tracks on the LP. Its cinematic feel and large, sweeping synths make it one of the more energetic cuts on the album.

‘Khairo’, ‘Liath’, and ‘Serij’ sees Kolsch dive deeper into the deployment of real-life orchestral sounds via the stylistic musings of Gregor Schwellenbach and the Heritage Orchestra providing rich layers of organic sounds and dramatic overtones.

This October, Kolsch is taking to the road to properly portray the album’s meaning to his fans. The tour kicks off at Heart in Miami and runs through mid-December with stops Fabric, Panoramabar, and Labyrinth planned along the way.

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You can listen to 1989 out on Kompakt as well view the album tour dates below.


Album Tour
10/27 Miami, USA Heart
10/28 Montreal, Canada La Bacchanale
10/31 San Francisco, USA Audio
11/3 Cordoba, Argentina BNP Club
11/4 Valinhos, S.P, Brasil Laroc – Sunset Club
11/5 Buenos Aires, Argentina Oasis
11/9 London, UK Fabric (Live Show)
11/10 Paris, France Faust
11/11 Berlin, Germany Panoramabar
11/16 Dublin, Ireland District 8
11/17 Cologne, Germany Gewölbe
11/18 Hasselt, Belgium Labyrinth
11/24 Milan, Italy Volt
11/26 Glasgow, UK Sub Club
12/8 Melbourne, Australia Forum Theatre (Live show)
12/9 Sydney, Australia Greenwood (Live show)
12/15 New York, USA TBA
12/16 Los Angeles, USA Sound

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