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On August 8th of 2016, a fire broke out in London that would put Studio 338 out of order for over a year and alter the nightlife scene in the city for the foreseeable future. The blaze claimed the life of beloved worker Tomas Ceidukas in the process, who passed away the following day from injuries sustained while saving club-goers. The majority of the club space was ruined, putting the venue’s future in serious jeopardy.

Prior to that dreadful day in August of last year, Studio 338 had established itself as one of the premiere spots for music in the U.K. since its inception, adhering to a strict booking policy that accepts only the finest talent on the planet. The venue was known largely for its studio and legendary terrace area prior to the fire that took out the majority of the terrace and interior design.

Following the long and grueling recovery process since, Studio 338 Music Director Dan Perrin and the rest of the team finally have their eyes on a grand reopening this fall. Set for the weekend of October 27th, 28th, and 29th, the venue has already seen an overwhelming response in regards to ticket sales and figures to sell out completely well in advance of the events.

In addition, Studio 338 will be sporting a new look. Slick architecture, top-of-the-line LED lighting, and a brand new Void Acoustics sound system all come fitted in the remodeled venue.

Tickets for opening weekend are mostly sold out, despite no lineup having been announced, with more parties being announced each week. A Sven Vath // Cocoon night  in November and a return to Sankeyes are already planned for later this year.

Studio 338 on Facebook | Event Page

You can check the Studio 338 Facebook page for ticketing and event details.

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