This week’s Artist Profile is a repeat chat with one of trance music’s fastest rising stars. In the year since we first had a chance to talk with Jase Thirlwall, the Irish product has tacked on a number of accomplishments highlighted by a performance at the legendary Luminosity Beach Festival and continued releases on industry heavyweights such as Who’s Afraid of 138?!. This week saw the debut offering from Thirlwall on Heatbeat’s record label, Aerys, and a gig in Manchester for the massive Kinetic trance event.

We had a chance to catch up with Thirlwall just before he set out for Manchester to see how he’d been doing as of late.

Its been just over a year ago since we last sat down together, why don’t you fill us in on what’s happened since then!

Hi guys. A year already, where does time go, right? The last 12 months have been amazing. Achieved so much, been mega busy, but really enjoyed every second of it, it really has flew in so quickly.


In your last interview we spoke about your collab with Will Atkinson and how Joy Kitikonti was such a big influence on your music, who else falls into this category?

Yea Joy Kitikontis track was a big influence on our track “Squelcher”. I often take inspiration from older tracks, the tracks and music that got me hooked when I was younger. Guys like Mojado, Activa, stoneface & Terminal, Picotto and various others. These were all artists that’s sound got me hooked when I first started dj’ing.


How was this years Luminosity Event?

For me, this was show of the year. It’s a gig I’ve wanted to play for a long time. I was overwhelmed to find out I was closing one of the stages! The thing with Luminosity is everyone is there for the same reason, the music. A lot of my friends and fans were in the crowd. I can’t thank Bo and the team at luminosity enough, what an amazing
weekend, roll on LBF18.

Jase Thirlwall @ Luminosity

Speaking of large-scale trance events in the Europe/Asia area, the line up for Kinetic @ the Manchester Warehouse looks unbelievable

Yes it does. Very busy lineup with a shed load of cool talent. Mega excited to play the venue, another club I’ve been dying to play.


The Ibiza season is coming to a close, and there has been lots of talk about overpricing and overcrowding, are these things you noticed while you were there this summer?

HAHA this has been the case for the last how many years…. It’s always been outrageously priced and clubs that busy that its completely unsafe. This won’t change, ever! It was like this when I first went to the island 15 years ago. I don’t think it has much of an impact, the clubs are still just as busy and the kids are still happy to pay crazy prices for a beer in the clubs. That’s just Ibiza.


Tell us a bit about “Lucent” on Armins WAO138 label, how did you come up with the title, seems it was a perfect match for the release.

I guess it just popped in my head while making the track. Lucent gives the idea of lucent dreaming, floaty kind of vibe. The track was a very melodic track, very uplifting, so yea, if the shoe fits….


You’ve been busy the last year with touring and productions, does it ever become overwhelming?

I try not to let it, I try and manage my time as best I can. Busy yes, but not quite overwhelming. I like my ‘me time’ also. Maybe- next time will be busier, who knows.



Jase Thirlwall 01How do you keep yourself energized when on tour?

Coffee and Vodka {not together}


Do you have a favorite gig from over the summer?

I would need to say Luminosity for the reason’s I explained earlier or my open to close 7 hour set in Argentina, what an unbelievable experience.


Who is your dream collaboration with?

Eric Prydz.


What do you have in store for the rest of 2017

Manchester next week, a couple of local shows and some internationals not yet announced, production wise I have a new single out on Argentinian duo Heatbeat’s label called “Animal”. I also have two new uplifting projects nearly finished which I’m very excited about.


That’s it on our end, thanks again for your time!

Thanks guys its been an absolute pleasure chatting as always.

Keep it real.


Jase Thirlwall on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

‘Animal’, by Jase Thirlwall, is out now on Heatbeat’s Aerys imprint.

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