It’s been thoroughly enjoyable riding the journey through the many aliases of Roger Shah throughout the course of 2017.

There was of course the 8th edition of his Music For Balearic People album series, and releases under his Sunlounger moniker such as ‘Dancing With A Ghost‘, but this month sees an entirely new side of the Shah spectrum.

Beach Grooves Vol. 1, a name that carries along the ‘it’s always summer somewhere theme’, is the first album-sized offering we’ve seen from Shah under his High Noon at Salinas alias. Coincidentally, it comes almost 10 years on the date after the first High Noon At Salinas release. As such, the album serves as a bit of a blend between a studio LP and a mix/comp album.

The album, officially out today, October 13th, came as a bit of a surprise to everyone, Roger included, as it wasn’t until recently that he realized not only that he had enough material to make it a reality but that it was the ideal timing as well. Despite juggling a full release schedule between all of his monikers, Shah managed to draw upon the sounds and experiences of spending the better part of the summer months around the Ibiza area and tie it all in to an extremely relaxing and cohesive body of work.

Purchase HERE.

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The debut High Noon at Salinas LP Beach Grooves Vol. 1 is out today.

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