The career of Ryan Farish is a long and storied one. The Virginia native studied music at Old Dominon and UCLA and around the turn of the century began making his music public via the now defunct He crafted a loyal following to the tune of nearly 2 million downloads and 2004 saw the release of Farish’s breakthrough album, Beautiful, on the EMI imprint.

The next years saw a consistent string of releases along with the establishment of his own brand, Rytone Entertainment. His career took a unique turn when The Weather Channel had picked up on his soothing sounds and began using his music during their programming, even calling on Farish to compose the theme for their Storm Series.

The story continues today with the release of Primary Colors on Black Hole Recordings. Packed with  raw emotion, Farish takes his time carefully working through several angles and styles throughout the LP’s duration. Early on, he utilizes heavy synth patterns to strum up a warm and inviting atmosphere, something key to the aura of Primary Colors, and is largely explored on tracks such as ‘Time Lapse’ and ‘We Are The Colors’.

Tracks ‘Find You’ and ‘Safe In This Place’ feature vocals from the immensely talented Christian Burns, offering a dynamic vocal prowess not present through most of the album. Finally, Farish explores the ambient and down tempo styles of music on several productions before closing the LP with equally as impressive remixes of ‘Stories In Motion’ by Sunny Lax and ‘Stars Collide’ by Thomas Datt.

Purchase HERE.

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Primary Colors by Ryan Farish was released today, November 3rd, and can be purchased at the provided link.

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