Rebeca Trêsor and Marien Novi have released their Acid Live EP via Italian record label Natura Viva.

Trêsor first burst on to the scene around 2010/2011 and quickly found herself a regular at Fete Discoteque. She’s gone on to spin at a vast majority of clubs around the Spanish community, including that of Spook, Kapital, Wonder, Mae West, Sanpapa and Tatel and was nominated for an award at the Viscious Music Awards earlier this year.

Novi is a respectable artist in her own right, having gotten her start in some of the bigger clubs around Granada. She then moved to Ibiza, where she developed her sound and it took it on the road to major cities such as Dubai, Moscow, Milan, Morocco, Qatar and Doha

The EP comes with three total tracks and its title track is down right bad ass. The record’s swinging low ends cascade around a raw and hypnotic synth line that screams pure, underground techno. Add in crisp hi hats and an echoed vocal sample and the result is a purely chaotic sonic journey.

The EP was officially released on Monday, November 6th.

Purchase HERE.

Rebeca Trêsor on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Marien Novi on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

You can listen to the Acid Live EP’s title track on Soundcloud below.

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