Dance and Rave is an electronic dance music blog showcasing the freshest talent in dance music. We are a community of people who share a passion for electronic music and its culture. While we are based in Buffalo, New York, our readership comprises of people from all around the globe. For many of us, dance music has provided us with joy, laughter, tears, and pure bliss. It is a lifestyle which has instilled in us better values, new perspectives and one that has allowed us to let our true selves thrive, letting us step out of our own comfort zones. We truly believe that dance music has changed our lives for the better. This global community is joined by the music but we are connected by our love and passion for the culture and for each other.

Electronic music developed from a small sub-culture into the biggest music culture of the world. It’s definitely a part of evolution. – Paul Van Dyk

The Dance and Rave Mission

Our goal is to share our passion for electronic music with the world. We just want to see people dance a little bit more, smile a little bit more, and enjoy life just a little bit more. Through new music, mixes, and news, Dance and Rave strives to bring electronic music and culture to the public eye and present it in a concise and professional manner. We also promote open and mature discussion on topics related to electronic music culture and beyond. In addition, we aim to promote the local music scene, artists, and events here in Buffalo, New York.

Our Principles

Dance and Rave is founded on the principles of unity and respect for all people; our belief is that everyone is welcome into the community no matter what their age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, taste in music, favorite color, or favorite animal is. Although Dance and Rave is a niche community, we do promote togetherness, tolerance, responsibility, and positivity in all beings. Everyone is welcome into this community and it will remain that way.

We believe that there is absolutely no room for hatred in our hearts. We do not encourage negative behaviors in our community so expect others to respect that. However, everyone is free to voice their opinions in an intelligent and mature manner.

You can check out any of our music, news, and other offerings from the home page. In addition, don’t be afraid to reach out to us at with any inquiries.