We are looking for teammates–people who we can work with–to help grow our community from the ground upOur readership has extended to over 80 countries around the world within just a few months. Dance and Rave is seeking ambitious members that share the same vision as us: uniting the world through dance music.

Being a Dance and Rave team member is not for everyone; a position here requires hard work, dedication, professionalism, open-mindedness, a knack for writing, the ability to network, time, and most importantly: a passion for music. Our entire team juggles jobs, classes, events, and writing all at the same time. If you’re that kind of person, we’re looking for you. Kindly fill out our application to the best of your abilities if you are still interested in joining our team.

If you would just like to do a one-time guest post, please contact us here.

Dance and Rave requirements

  • Create useful content to distribute through all social media outlets regarding electronic music, art, and culture
  • Research factual information on events, artists, music, venues, and more
  • Draft grammatically correct articles, reviews, and previews in the news, events, music, artists, opinions, and lifestyle categories
  • Showcase the latest and greatest in underground music
  • Support your local music scene by spotlighting local talent and events through interviews, artist profiles, and attending events

The benefits of being a Dance and Rave team member

  • Receive free concert tickets, music festival passes, or merchandise
  • Get personal access to DJs through interviews or meet and greets
  • Build up an impressive writing portfolio with a great letter of recommendation to go along with it
  • Gain a different perspective into the music industry and learn the inner workings of event management, promotions, digital marketing, and more
  • Broaden your musical boundaries
Application Status: Open

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